Clinic Policies and Forms

Alter-Ations has spayed and neutered over 8,000 cats in the Coulee Region since we first started our programs!  Once you have made an appointment, please read our Clinic policies and print the forms below:

Doing this will make check-in and check-out much faster!  Drop off is 8:00am; pickup is generally 4:00pm.


(The forms will be updated with the new address as soon as administratively possible.)

* Pre-Operation Instructions
* Surgical & Services Release
* Owner Patient Information Form  (FIND SERVICES AND FEE INFORMATION HERE.  Filling out this form ahead of time will save you time when you bring your cat to the Clinic!)
* Post Surgery Care Instructions

ALL CATS are required to come to the Clinic in either a pet carrier OR a live trap.  PLEASE DO NOT bring a cat in a soft-sided carrier, tote bucket, cardboard box,  laundry basket, or your arms!  cat_carrierThe picture to the left shows the type of carrier we request.

We have humane traps and cat carriers for loan to cat caretakers.  Please ask our staff about our loan policy if you need a humane trap or cat carrier.  Although not preferred, we also have cardboard carriers available for $10 each if you are transporting a tame cat from the Clinic.