Welcome to Alter-Ations Inc.!

If you love them, spay or neuter!

Spaying or neutering is proven to make your dog or cat a better pet; give your pet a longer, healthier life; and reduce the population of dogs and cats in animal shelters.  Alter-Ations has 2 programs designed to combat pet overpopulation in our area.

The CATsNIP Clinic is located on County Road SS, rural Viroqua!  The Clinic operates every Thursday, 2-3 Mondays per month, and 1 Saturday per month.  Go to the Clinic Info tab for more information.  We currently book out about 6-8 weeks for female cats; 3-4 for male cats.  FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT OTHER LOW COST OPTIONS IN OUR AREA, GO TO THE ASSISTANCE INFORMATION PAGE.

OPERATION FIXIT is also open to any cat OR dog caretaker in the Coulee Region.  This program is in cooperation with the Spay Me Clinic (Madison, Wisconsin) – once a month, dogs, and cats too, are sent to the Madison Clinic to be spayed or neutered, and returned the following day.  Appointments are made with the Alter-Ations’ staff, and volunteers assist with the drop-off and pickup of dogs at the transport site.   Click on the Operation FixIt tab to get information on services and fees, transport dates, and forms to download.

Interested in volunteering?  Go to the Staff and Volunteers page for info on how you can help!