Clinic Info

The CATsNIP Clinic is open to ANY cat caretaker in the Coulee Region; however, our focus is on helping low income, fixed income, and multiple cat caretakers.

Space at our Clinic is limited and an appointment is required. IF YOU ARE BRINGING 3 OR MORE CATS, we DO REQUIRE a 50% deposit to ensure space at that Clinic. Unfortunately, we are now requiring this because of multiple no-shows at our previous Clinics. To set up an appointment, call 608-606-3070.Doc_Janna_2013

At this time, we accept checks payable to Alter-Ations, Inc., cash, or debit/credit cards. Fees are due upon pick up of your cat.  Prices are subject to change. We reserve the right to decline surgery on any cat due to health reasons or concerns. Additional fees may apply if re-suturing or extra pain medication is necessary OR if other procedures are performed for the health of the cat.  All cats (if handleable) receive a pre-operative exam, we DO NOT do pre-operative testing.

FEE SCHEDULE (all fees include a required rabies vaccination):

Indoor Companion female or male cat = $110
Barn/feral/trapped OUTSIDE (shed, porch, garage) CATS = $60 but MUST be EAR-TIPPED.  If you don’t want an outdoor cat to be ear tipped, then request the Companion Cat option.

All cats are REQUIRED to have a rabies vaccination before leaving our Clinic. Please bring proof of rabies vaccination if your cat has already received a rabies vaccination in the recent past.

Distemper vaccination (FVRCP) = $10
Flea/lice topical treatment = $15
Revolution or Selarid (flea/ear mite/some internal parasites) = $25/$20
Feline Aids/Feline Leukemia Test = $30
Microchip = $30 (includes life time registration)
Take home oral pain meds = $10
Ear mite treatment = $5
Nail Clipping = $5
E-collar = $8
Cardboard carrier = $10

Post-operative recheck exam – FREE if done within 1 week of the surgery and if we are at the clinic.  $15 exam fee (plus any additional charges for antibiotics, resuturing, etc.) if post-operative recheck exam done after 1 week.

Once your cat or cats have been accepted for a surgery day, please read through our Clinic Policies.

The Clinic is located at 97 Central Ave, Coon Valley, WI 54623.  Arrive ON TIME for your appointment.  Clients arriving more than 15 minutes late may be required to return at a later day for a rescheduled appointment.  Park on the side street or side parking lot. There is limited space in front of building.

It is preferred that the surgery forms, available on this website, are completed prior to surgery day.  All cats scheduled for the day are checked in at 8:00am.  Be prepared for a hectic time as we try to do in-take in an efficient manner.  You will also need to stay for the verbal pre-operative talk from our veterinarian which covers the risks and benefits of surgery.