Happy World Spay Day!

Today, February 24th, is World Spay Day!  Spay Day was originally started by the Doris Day Animal League in California……..at least 25 years ago.  And yes, I remember when the first Spay Day USA was celebrated.  In the last 25 years, the spay/neuter movement has HALVED the number of euthanasias of dogs and cats in shelters in the US.  Today, 5-6 million pets are killed in shelters EVERY YEAR.  We CAN stop the killing and make sure that every dog and cat has a home – just by advocating for spay and neuter.  Today, make an appointment for your cat or dog to be altered if he isn’t already.  Or, help a friend or neighbor alter their pet.  Or, send a donation to a local spay/neuter organization.  You CAN be a lifesaver!

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